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Active Release Techniques in Cranberry Township or ART is a myofascial release technique that utilizes patient movement to treat problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, and nerves.

The use of ART can significantly improve many soft tissue and nerve damage injuries. Whether you are a long-distance runner or sit at a desk all day, ART can alleviate pain in problem areas, provide a safe and effective alternative to steroid injections and surgery, and significantly shorten healing time for many common injuries.

Active Release Technique

What conditions are treated with ART?

Active Release Technique is successful at alleviating pain associated with acute and chronic soft tissue disorders. The ART system utilizes over 500 protocols that vary based on the practitioner’s hand placement and patient movement and are each specific for the muscle or nerve entrapment being treated.

ART at Appalachia Chiropractic & Wellness in Cranberry Township can be used alone or in conjunction with other soft tissue treatments like Graston therapy or trigger point therapy , as well as custom stretching and strengthening exercises that accelerate your recovery.

Many common conditions and injuries usually begin with overused muscles. As a result, your body can produce tough scar tissue that binds down other tissues that are designed to move freely. Once scar tissue is built up, muscles become shorter and weaker and if tendonitis develops, patients with entrapped nerves can experience a reduced range of motion, tingling, numbness, pain, and weakness.

What conditions are treated with ART?

Anyone who is experiencing pain due to a soft tissue injury can benefit from ART. At Appalachia Chiropractic & Wellness, we utilize ART with high school athletes, desk job workers, older adults, and anyone in between. Restoring proper muscle function and movement allows the body to operate at the most efficient level when performing even the smallest task, such as walking across the room.

Before turning to surgery or more aggressive treatment options, explore ART and the benefits it can provide for your overall well-being.

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